International Electoral Awards


International Electoral Awards 2017 - December 5th-6th 2017

Welcome to the ICPS International Electoral Awards

ICPS and ICEP have established an award exclusively for electoral stakeholders, in recognition of their work and to acknowledge their significant contribution to the democratic process beyond the community of electoral professionals, practitioners and experts.

There is broad international consensus that elections are the cornerstone of every democracy. However, it is not enough to carry out elections to be considered a real democracy. There are essential principles that have to be fulfilled. Only free, fair, equal, safe and consistent elections which take place in a peaceful environment and put citizens at the heart of the electoral process allow a democracy to be truly representative.

Around the globe, Electoral Commissions, International Institutions and Non-Governmental Organisations work relentlessly to guarantee that elections meet these crucial international standards and that every citizen’s vote is valued and accepted. For the most part, the efforts made by these institutions remain unseen and unheard. The ICPS International Electoral Awards will increase awareness of the work of the international electoral community by honouring their achievements, initiatives and dedication on an international level.

The ICPS International Electoral Awards will consist of multiple categories covering the broad range of sectors within the field of elections. The categories have been selected in order to consider all outstanding achievements made in elections.

The 2017 International Awards Ceremony took place at the Dead Sea in Jordan on the 5th of December 2017 during the 15th International Electoral Symposium on 4-6 December 2017, organised in partnership with The Independent Election Commission of Jordan (IEC) and in cooperation with the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES).

The award categories are:

  • International Institutional Engagement Award
    This Award will honour initiatives in the field of election assistance and election observation that successfully contributed to an increase of legitimisation of the electoral process and a growth of public confidence towards democratic procedures.
  • Electoral Conflict Management Award
    This Award will honour undertakings of an Electoral Management Body or Electoral Management Official that has effectively managed a pre- or post-electoral conflict and/or successfully managed elections in a conflict environment.
  • Accessibility Award
    This Award will recognise initiatives by Election Management Bodies or Election Management Officials to ensure that groups within a society which have been excluded from the electoral process due to physical and geographical obstacles are brought back in the electoral process.
  • Gender Equality Award
    This Award rewards Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials who encouraged and implemented equal participation rights for women and men to guarantee the proportionality and representativeness of elections.
  • Minority Participation Award
    This Award rewards Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials who strengthened and executed the rights of minorities to cast their vote and actively participate in the democratic process.
  • Election Management Award
    This Award recognises approaches by Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials which were able to overcome remarkable country specific challenges; improving elections and guaranteeing a secure, transparent and smooth running of elections.
  • Citizens' Engagement Award
    This Award rewards Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials for putting citizens at the heart of the electoral process and maximising their engagement and their satisfaction. This could comprise initiatives to tackle low turnout, cynicism, distrust, perceived legitimacy issues.
  • First Time Voter Award
    This Award will recognise Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials which have taken outstanding measures to facilitate optimise the electoral experience of first time voters, realising the importance of the first electoral experience of a voter and the unique challenges that it raises.
  • Electoral Ergonomy Award
    This Award will recognise Electoral Management Bodies and Electoral Officials which tailored electoral procedures to the psychology of their voter and the specific characteristics of their electorate.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Non-nomination Category. This award shall be given to people for their remarkable achievements, outstanding work, deep commitment or great sacrifice in the fields of elections and democracy. Honoured shall be courage, persistence, dedication and the decision to cope with an issue against all odds.
  • Electoral Commissioner of the Year
    Non-nomination Category. The Award Committee will honour a f the year will honour a Commission, taking into consideration the effort to foster a 'community of good citizens' among election practitioners and the search for best practice, evidence based research and policy in the field of elections of Electoral Commissions worldwide.
  • Electoral Commission of the Year

To find out more about the International Electoral Awards, the procedure, categories and last year's winners, please see the award guidelines


ICPS and the International Electoral Awards Committee are delighted to announce the winners for the International Electoral Awards 2017! Click here to see the list